Diploma Program

The Adult Education High School Diploma program offers standards-based curriculum that allows you to earn a high school diploma as an adult. The program ensures that graduates acquire critical academic skills necessary to continue their education and provides the opportunity to achieve success in life.  Our program offers a reduced credit requirement, making it easier to earn your diploma and move forward in life.  

To enroll into the diploma program we will need you government issued ID and official transcripts from the last high school you attended, in addition to your completed registration form (we will not need your transcripts if your last high school was within our district, VVUHSD.  Please note your last school attended accordingly on your registration form).  We will apply any previously earned credits to your diploma and they will transfer over to your transcripts through our district.  To order your official transcripts reach out to your previous school to ask their specific procedure for ordering them.  Note that a small fee may apply.  It is important that you do not open the official transcripts once you receive them, as they will no longer be official.   The most reliable way for us to receive your transcripts is to have them delivered to you, then bring them into our office.  

High School Diploma courses are held on campus.

For assistance with this program, call: (760) 955-3201 ext. 10241